Monday, July 18, 2011

Millenium Park Construction Photos

If you've ever been to Chicago, I hope you were able to visit Millenium Park.  It is an amazing accomplishment of vision and labor.  Its one of the many things that makes me proud to call Chicago home.

 the starting point from the 1970's

 ground breaking and paving the way

 construction start-up for Pritzker Pavilion

 Jay Pritzker Pavilion
designed by Frank Gehry

 construction on BP Bridge

 BP Bridge

If you want to build yourself a giant metal bean, then you gotta start with something like this.

 and keep adding on to it like this.

 Cloud Gate AKA The Bean
by Anish Kapoor
but I heard he doesn't like for it to be called the Bean, but in the true Modernist convention of the viewers' relationship with the object, I don't think it should matter what he likes anymore... so the Bean it is!

 construction of Crown Fountain

 Two images of Crown Fountain

Millenium Park.  A triumph in urban planning and one of the greatest urban parks in the world!