Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Without Measure- Sin Medida

The phrase 'Without Measure' has been used throughout the history of metaphysics to great degree, so I have made a casual study of the word 'measure' and I would like share my discovery.

In the Latin origins of the word we find its etymology to be 'meto'- 1. reap, harvest 2. cut, crop, snip off
but also carrying connotations in the words 'table'/mesa, boundary/limit

...and so my understanding goes, that when we refer to terms of measurement we are making short the infinite, or limiting potentiality.  We are looking at it in terms of comparison, pattern, value exchange, and possession.

In mathematics we have two controling forces... the equal sign and the variable with a result of symmetry and approximation.  In terms of laying hold to marks of change through a lens of life, we must look at the epistemics of growth and the causes of that growth as change accordingly.  We cannot assume an irrational postition change to internal quanity through exchange with an external quantity, and must look at growth through methods of rational growth investments.

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